Commercial Property Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services and customer base are diverse and varied

We are your one-stop-shop for commercial cleaning services that are thorough, affordable, and end-to-end. We provide all types of general and specialized services including:

  • Window cleaning for high and low-rise buildings.
  • Commercial floor cleaning and polishing.
  • Hygiene cleaning and sanitization services.
  • Graffiti removal.
  • Carpark cleaning and sweeping.

These services are available throughout the country, and we would be delighted to work closely with you to deliver a tailored, cost-effective solution for your business needs. In addition to this, our management team remains in regular contact with all of our customers to ensure that the service expectations are regularly met, and issues are dealt with quickly and thoroughly. This is designed to ensure peace of mind for all our customers.

Thorough and reliable coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning

Delivering effective Coronavirus cleaning requires a tailored approach by a company with a long history in the impact cleaning industry. Advanced has developed and assembled a well-trained and qualified team around the country to assist our customers to keep up with the changing cleaning requirements brought about as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We strictly employ the recommended procedures and guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the Kenyan Government to provide preventative services as well as post-affected treatments to any location. If you would like to ensure your workplace is clean and sanitized, or if you require the urgent services of a Coronavirus cleaner, call us today.

Corridors and Staircases

  • Thorough mopping of all corridors and lift lobbies on a regular basis.
  • Thorough machine scrubbing of all the corridors and stairways.
  • Mopping stair cases and sweeping of walk ways on a daily basis.
  • Dusting of safety rails along the stair cases, dusting walls and corridors.
  • Dusting and dump wiping of outer reachable doors, windows, grills and pane.
  • High-area cleaning of walls, pillars, and roofs.
  • Dusting and Dump wiping of wall fixtures, glass partitions on the corridors, and wall frames.
  • The corridors will be manned throughout the day to clean the spillages and any marks on the floor.
  • Polishing of the floors were possible.

Food Court Area

  • Cleaning has to take place daily early mornings before the opening time of the courts.
  • Mopping the floors and keeping them clean throughout the day.
  • Maintenance of the food courts areas, wiping tables and collection of liter all around the area.
  • Cleaning the food court bins with disinfectants and emptying them when filled.
  • Rearranging the tables and chairs as required.
  • Helping in returning plates to the respective shops.

Parking and Infrastructure

  • Emptying of dust bins on a regular basis and placing them back for use.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the garbage collection areas every time garbage is collected.
  • Sweeping to Cleaning roads and car parks daily disposing debris and loose litter at designated areas.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of refuse areas.
  • Opening of stormwater drainages, by clearing blockages and disposing of litter.
  • Thorough water washing and sweeping of the parking’s using a high-pressure washer machine.
  • Cleaning the guard houses and management offices.
  • Clearing of the pathways and water drainages.
  • Cleaning the water park, wiping and disinfecting the surfaces.
  • Collection of liter around the compound and placing them in the bins.

Washrooms Cleaning

  • Cleaning of washrooms and urinals on a regular basis and maintenance check lists to be hanged in each washroom- we will have personnel stationed on the washrooms constantly.
  • Refilling of hand washing foam in dispensers and replenishing of tissue papers and air fresheners.
  • Supply of toilet mats and replacement in the urinals.
  • Thorough cleaning of the ceramic floors in the washrooms daily.
  • Thorough cleaning, disinfecting and descaling to remove stains in the wash rooms.
  • Thorough sporting for stain removal from floors, walls and sinks.
  • Dusting of the walls, doors, and partitions within the washrooms. Dusting of the walls, doors, and partitions within the washrooms.
  • Wall dusting and wiping of mirrors off dust and figure marks.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the sanitary bins on a daily basis.
  • Constant maintenance to ensure the spillages are cleaned, consumables are replenished.
  • Disposal of the waste papers/ hand paper towels in the bins and placing them ready for use.
  • Cleaning and dusting of dispensers in the washrooms.
  • Thorough cleaning of the bathrooms in the back house.

Lifts and Escalators

  • Wiping lift cars and removing all visible figure marks using am appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • The glass area in the lift should be wiped clean with the cleaning solution for it.
  • Removal of any dust and dirt from the lift door channel on all the floors regularly.
  • The elevator doors should be wiped clean on every floor.

Our team is well-qualified ,experience , committed and hardworking for the assigned task and complete it in given time.

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