Fumigation and Pest Control Services

Rizenn homes offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Control Services Nairobi Kenya in alignment with the latest trends. We follow the ERD principle (Exclusion – Restriction – Destruction 3, a philosophy based on the fact that prevention is always better than cure.

We focus closely on the circumstances of your pest problem and devise solutions through controlled use of pesticides or alternatives such as mechanical devices, beneficial bugs and physical barriers. We provide affordable bespoke pest fumigation solutions for residential and business in hospitality and tourism industries Having completely eliminated thousands of infestations across Kenya.

Where do we fumigate?

Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Commercial Properties, Homes, Restaurants and Clubs, Churches, Vehicles, and Bars.

Fumigation procedure;

  • After getting the fumigation request.
  • A survey is done to determine and discuss the pest problem.
  • Appointment to conduct the fumigation is set.

Termite Control

Don’t panic when you find termites or evidence of their damage on your property; call us, more than 10 years’ experience providing termite inspections and control services.

Signs you should book a termite inspection:

Keeping your home safe from the dangers of termites or other pests is imperative in securing the foundations of your structure. Thankfully, there are key signs you can look out for, in order to determine whether your property will benefit from a termite treatment plan. The four most common signs that you have a termite problem are:

  • Often the first evidence a home owner has that they have a termite or white ant problem is large numbers of winged insects emerging from a door or window architrave or through plaster. These winged Alates, as we call them, are the future termite queens leaving to start new nests elsewhere.
  • When damage or hollowing of timbers are detected this is the most common situation where termites/white ants are detected and affect both hard wood and soft wood flooring timbers, architraves, door frames and most other timbers within a building or structure.
  • Damage to stored items like boxes of papers or books stored in sub-floor or storage areas are attacked by termites/white ants. Not only is timber a food source for termites but paper and any cellulose material is highly desirable to them as well.
  • Mud or dirt appearing in gaps around door jambs or skirtings is often termite/white ant mudding and is associated with their activity, however often there is no detectable damage in the timbers.

The effective termite treatment methods that Rizenn homes provides are non-hazardous, odor less, and don’t require you to vacate the premises during or after spraying. In most instances the effect of the treatment is instant. We provide our termite control services throughout Kenya, and are known as the trusted specialist for effective removals.


We price after site survey after establishing the extend of the service required.

Contact us today for a free site survey.

Rodents, Cockroaches, Flies, and Mosquitos

Rizenn homes can help your business to provide healthy and hygienic bathrooms for your staff and guests. As part of our regular service, we provide a range of sanitizing products for toilet seats, toilets and urinals which will create better smelling bathrooms, increase hygiene and health outcomes by reducing the risk of dangerous bacteria and hidden germs spreading through your facilities.

(Flying Pests (Mosquitoes, Bees, Bats, Wasps, House flies, Moths)

  • 1 Bedroom & compound – Kes. 5,000
  • 2 Bedroom & compound – Kes. 7,000
  • 3 Bedroom & compound – Kes. 9,000
  • 4 bedroom & compound – Kes. 11,000
  • 5 bedroom & compound – Kes. 13,000

(Crawling Pests (Bed Bugs, Cockroach, Fleas, Black ants, Spiders)

  • 1 Bedroom House – Kes. 4,500
  • 2 Bedroom House – Kes. 6,000
  • 3 Bedroom House – Kes. 7,000
  • 4 Bedroom House – Kes. 8,500
  • 5 Bedroom House – Kes. 9,500

Rodents (Rats, Squirrels, Moles, Mouse)

  • 1 Bedroom House – Kes. 5,000
  • 2 Bedroom House – Kes. 6,500
  • 3 Bedroom House – Kes. 7,500
  • 4 Bedroom House – Kes. 8,500
  • 5 Bedroom House – Kes. 9,500

Weed control

We use chemical methods like weed killers as well as pruning the weeds.

Mold Control

Identify affected areas;
  • Remove all wet and mold-damages materials.
  • Clean all the affected area.
  • Use mold resistant products.

Office, Vehicle, School & Church, and Hospital & Restaurant Fumigation

Our fumigation service is proven to get rid of all pests permanently instantly. The treatment can be used in all offices facilities and has an immediate elimination effect when it comes to pests.
  • Thorough fumigation for your offices.
  • Kills 99% of all pests.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties.
  • Done by experienced and equipped with protective gears technicians.
  • Using certified, highly effective, nontoxic insecticides.
  • Fumigate and make your employees/ family feel safer and pest free.

Our Tailor Made Fumigation Plans

  • One time service:
    Rizenn homes technicians will treat the inside and outside of your property on a need basis when pests strike.
  • Monthly service:
    We will make sure you don’t experience an infestation by carrying out a single fumigation every month. Its ideal for very busy business-like restaurants, hotels, motels, second hand stores, kitchens and fast foods stores.
  • Bi-monthly service:
    We will make sure your home, offices are protected by proving a fumigation exercise twice in a month; ideal for fairly busy business-like apartments, and automotive industries.
  • Quarterly service:
    We will make sure your home; offices are protected by proving a fumigation exercise twice in a month; ideal for fairly busy business-like rental homes, warehouses, offices, states.
  • Semiannually:
    We will make sure your home; offices are protected by providing a fumigation exercise twice in a year; ideal for less busy business-like.

Our team is well-qualified ,experience , committed and hardworking for the assigned task and complete it in given time.

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