Hygiene Sanitary Bins Services

Do I need to provide Sanitary bins?

Any women that visit your premises whether that be employees or customers, must be provided with sanitary bins in safe, accessible, and hygienic areas of your washroom. As well to providing these sanitary bins, The Law dictates that any sanitary waste must be managed up until the waste has been disposed of.

This means that your organization cannot be responsible for disposing of sanitary waste. Therefore, only a licensed carrier of sanitary waste can be responsible for this. At Rizenn Homes we are fully licensed to service your sanitary products and dispose of your sanitary waste discreetly and hygienically.

Our maintenance schedules are regularly, timely, and customized to our client’s specifications, whether that be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. We maintain high levels of sanitation and germ control eliminating any chances of contamination.

How often do sanitary bins get emptied?

This is where we are personalized to you as your sanitary waste disposal will depend on your organization as we will look at the amount of sanitary waste being produced and the size of the sanitary bins that you have decided to hold at your premises.

At Rizenn Homes we are able to provide a sanitary bin service schedule that suits you whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but our experts will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Our professional technicians will arrive at your site at an agreed-upon time and remove your sanitary waste in scented sanitary waste liners with antimicrobial protection allowing your organization’s hygienic standards to remain high.

This means that your organization cannot be responsible for disposing of sanitary waste. Therefore, only a licensed carrier of sanitary waste can be responsible for this. At Rizenn Homes we are fully licensed to service your sanitary products and dispose of your sanitary waste in a discreet and hygienic way.

Why choose it?

Safe! Healthier environment! Flexible! Discreet!

Types of Bins

Pedals Bins

It enables hand-free waste disposal to prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The slimline sanitary bin has a slimline design that sits comfortably in any cubicle or open space bathroom. The slimline bin provides the perfect height for easy reach and use and it comes with a manual lid and a pedal. One is required to step on the pedal and the lid opens up to allow disposal.

Sensor Bins

It provides a no-touch hygienic disposal. Our sensor Bin is the most hygienic sanitary waste product on the market. Available in Black & Grey or White – both options come with an automatic lid for touch-free use, eliminating the risk of virus and bacteria through contact. The waste bin has a slim profile for easy access and placement in your toilet cubicle or bathroom.

The Sensor Bin ABS plastic construction is easy to clean and antimicrobial agents are added to the during manufacture which inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of germs and reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.9%.

Application of sanitary bins

  • Sanitary bins are placed in ladies washroom for disposal of sanitary products.
  • Sanitary bins are found in homes, commercial buildings, offices and public toilets.

Benefits of sanitary bins

  • Promotes Hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Prevent injuries and contamination.
  • Prevent clogging of toilets and drainages.
  • Discreet.

Why Choose Rizenn hygiene?

  • We Keep It Fresh.
    When we provide your facilities with fresh sanitary bins, washroom services and other essential products, people will be left with a positive impression and a sense that you care about their health & safety.
  • We Save Your Time.
    We understand that your time is scarce and it shouldn’t be spent managing your supplier’s performance. Once we’ve agreed to a service schedule you can leave it to us and focus on your big priorities.
  • We Are Reliable.
    We won’t miss your scheduled service. We are accountable to every customer through our Service Guarantee.
  • We Are Here If You Need Us.
    We’ll give you multiple contact methods in case you need us. We will answer your call, listen and respond quickly. We won’t make you chase us.

Washroom Services

Rizenn homes can help your business to provide healthy and hygienic bathrooms for your staff and guests. As part of our regular service, we provide a range of sanitizing products for toilet seats, toilets, and urinals which will create better-smelling bathrooms, and increase hygiene and health outcomes by reducing the risk of dangerous bacteria and hidden germs spreading through your facilities.

Toilet Seat Sanitizing

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of people getting sick from surface contact in your bathroom is to install toilet seat alcohol sanitizer sprays in each cubicle. Our touch-free sanitizer dispensers give a spray of 70-80% alcohol which can be used with toilet tissue to wipe down the seat and surface areas to effectively kill 99.99% of surface bacteria and hidden germs.

Your staff and guests will appreciate the opportunity to sanitize their toilet seats before they take a seat. We also provide toiletries, such as tissues, hand paper towels, hand wash soaps, and form soap for cleaning hands after use.

We Guarantee to Keep It Fresh.

We will provide you with clean, fresh sanitary bins and keep our promise of servicing on time so your staff, students, and guests have a pleasant bathroom experience every time.

We are so confident of our service promise we offer all customers a Rizenn Service Guarantee: If we fail to provide scheduled service, we’ll give you 2 Services Free.

Our team is well-qualified ,experience , committed and hardworking for the assigned task and complete it in given time.

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