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By now everyone has heard of eco-friendly cleaning. The entire concept of eco-friendly cleaning is based on taking regular, commercially produced house cleaning products and techniques and replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives. The primary aim of eco-friendly cleaning is to reduce the negative impact that home cleaning and office cleaning procedures have on the environment at large as well as the space you occupy. However, eco-friendly cleaning is not limited to ensuring only the health of the environment: it is also aimed at boosting health and safety within the house, for you and your loved ones. In this article we discuss how switching to eco-friendly cleaning services will not only help you keep your house clean and toxin-free but also healthier!

To start off with, it is important to differentiate between regular commercial cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning products. The difference between the two is that while the former are manufactured using chemicals and acids, the latter include natural, biodegradable, and risk-free ingredients. Commercial cleaning products are far more aggressive, and while most people buy into the common misconception that they clean better, as professional cleaners will attest to, you can get an equally good result with natural cleaning products. In fact, many cleaning contractors agree that environmentally friendly cleaning products are better because they boost the natural sheen and color of different materials. Commercial cleaning products will slowly strip away at the surfaces they come into contact with, so even if you do get rid of the dirt and the grime easily, over time the natural finish of most of the things you have around the house will be corroded.

Tip 1: Replace Commercial Cleaning With Green Cleaning

It might not be easy to throw away all the cleaning supplies you have in the house right now, especially if they haven’t been used much. However, you need to ask yourself: would you rather spend a little extra right now for a lot of good reasons or would you rather save some money and end up damaging the environment and your own health? Any harsh chemicals and toxins that you have in the home or office should be replaced immediately. Ask your local cleaning agencies for advice on green cleaning products. While you’re at it, also ask for tips on green cleaning methods. The next time you’re planning on doing some sofa cleaning or oven cleaning you should make it a point to go green.

Tip 2: Reuse Containers

Going green isn’t just about the products you buy: it’s also about the containers you store them in. If you already have a bunch of containers and packaging around the house, don’t spend money on more. Reuse and recycle! By reducing the number of containers you buy and eventually put back into the environment you will directly be reducing your carbon footprint. Take some time to clean out old containers and put them to good use.

Tip 3: Always Check The Ingredients

Just because a cleaning product is marketed as an environmentally friendly item doesn’t mean you should buy it blindly. Before you purchase any domestic cleaning products you must read through the list of ingredients. Of course, this involves learning about the different kinds of ingredients in cleaning products and knowing which are the chemicals to avoid when you can and which you must absolutely reject. Always check the ingredients before you’re buying any kitchen cleaning or other cleaning product. A lot of mainstream companies are now manufacturing green cleaning products but you must inspect the given information to ensure that the product really is all that it claims to be.

Tip 4: Make Your Own Cleaning Products

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that you can fashion your own cleaning products from items and ingredients around the house. A lot of cleaning contractors with years of experience in the industry will confirm that sometimes the most simple ingredients such as a mixture of baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and some borax can be used to clean even the most stubborn drains in the house. Or a solution of citrus oil in hot water can give you an unbelievable shine when used to wipe and polish wooden floors in the house. Not only are these homemade products a great way to minimize the use of harsh chemicals, but they are also healthier because they are more natural and they are far more affordable.

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