Medical Cleaning Services

Medical cleaning is one of the important service sections of the cleaning Services. Hygiene Plus Cleaning is prominent in providing medical cleaning services. This is the most sensitive field of service that requires serious attention, experience and study in the field. We have gained sufficient know-how in this sphere of medical cleaning service.

We offer services for the following clients;

  • Hospital/ Clinic Cleaning.
  • Healthcare Center cleaning.
  • Nursing Home Cleaning.
  • Sterilisation of Medical Equipment.
  • Disinfection of Medical Contamination.

Rizenn is very conscious of using disinfectants that are free from health hazards. The latest research on cleaning products confirms that some cleaning products are detrimental to human health. We avoid these products. Some products cause breathing irritation and headache. We never hesitate to steer ourselves clear from purchasing those products from the market.

Commercial Cleaning

Rizenn uses its method of cleaning medical spaces. We have developed a method over the years regarding how to clean, where to start first, where to finish etc. Such know-how only develops over years’ experience. And we are the ones possessed with these skills in our armory. If necessary, we can give you customized services like what to clean, to what extent cleaning should be carried out, etc. In the case of medical cleaning, we always clean patients’ touchable areas first before moving to the dirtiest surfaces. This is for the simple reason that germs cannot transmit from the dirtiest areas to the cleaner areas.

We use dematerialized water to clean the medical apparatus so that harmful organic materials like bacteria and viruses can be destroyed. While cleaning the dirtiest surfaces like the toilet, we keep in mind that toilet sneeze is avoided. While flushing the toilet, the lid should be closed otherwise this causes the germs to spread out. This is called toilet sneeze. In this cleaning process, we use toilet bowl cleaner before applying toilet cleaner to the bowl.

Covid-19 Cleaning

As we are living in a Covid- 19 era, we must be well-prepared for all Covid and post-Covid hygiene situations. Rizenn is ready for it. We are ready for Covid emergency situation in medical centers. It is worth a mention that the Covid-19 virus thrives in steel-made accessories so cleaning and sanitizing those accessories should be a priority.

As far as time and buck saving services are concerned, Rizenn is cost-effective as well as time-effective. Big medical spaces neither bother us in matters of providing them quick service nor will we let them bother about thinking in terms of getting extra-ordinary service. Just remember, it’s our time and the client expectation mark service which makes us the most opted service provider of medical cleaning in Kenya! Just bank on us, and reap the fruit of satisfaction.

Rizenn homes is endowed with the most precious gem of professionalism, and our boys and girls are always motivated by that legendary virtue. It is the virtue of professionalism out of which dedication is born again and again. Professionalism, dedication, experience, quality output, good record, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and brand value make us outstanding which have made us unbeatable in the country. “Our staff working at Rizenn Homes are well-aware of the standards set forth and we comply with these standards for better cleanliness.

Our team is well-qualified ,experience , committed and hardworking for the assigned task and complete it in given time.

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